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Session 65 – The Hidden Power of Abandonment

Hey mate,

Let’s read the Neville Goddard Quote together, then listen to the recording. It’s bound to be an eye opener and one that will help you unleash more and more Manifesting Mastery Power.

Now, buried in a state, you are a spectator of other states. But if you will rise from your present state and bury yourself in another, you will express it. If you can be what you want to be, why not become it? Why sit in a state you dislike and argue, when you can move into another state in your imagination? But once you have moved into the state of your fulfilled desire, don’t be like Lot’s wife. Don’t look back at your former state and preserve it, for salt is a preservative. – Live The Answer Now


There are several examples in the recording on how you can move from participant to spectator. The main lesson to remember is – when you get stuck in a sucky state – spectate it – by moving into the chosen state that replaces it.

Many blessings,

TT and V


Session 65 – The Hidden Power of Abandonment

Let’s go into session 65. Today what we’re going to do is

we’re going to practice abandoning states. What this is

like…this is like dropping something. We explored a little tiny

bit of this yesterday in a weird way. We’re going to make this

with a twist. Before yesterday, we were taking a handful of

peanuts out of the bag and putting them back. A handful of

peanuts out of the bag and putting them back, except for the

two that you’ve eaten. Now what we want to do is think

about the state of abandonment.

Neville basically says ‘to become disinterested, to become

neutral about the negative. Don’t go to war against it,

become neutral about it.’ So to do this, the quote that you

just read has a very fascinating, powerful perspective.

Because, think about this, rich people can view poverty and

poor people can view riches. But they’re very different

experiences. Both sets of people can experience both

poverty and wealth. But the wealthy person really gets to

experience wealth. They really get to experience it full on,

but they can look at poverty at a distance. On the other hand,

the poor person can experience wealth at a distance. They

don’t get to fully experience it but they get to judge it. They

get to look at what the rich person does. Stuff like that! So

what I want you to do any time that you notice a neggie show

up in your mind, stop, but don’t stop ‘it’ (the negative

thought)…Stop and view it from the exact opposite. In other

words, if you’re upset, right? And an upset can be defined as

almost anything, get it? You know that’s why we’re sticking

with just the generic term. Any time you experience an upset

and you notice it that means that there’s something noticing

the upset. So you instantly have some distance from it.

So if you experience a poverty based thought, stop and notice

how much richer you are because you’ve noticed it. You’re

not going to let it run rampant. That would make you smaller

than that, but just the mere act of you noticing it, it means

that there’s some distance, it means that you’ve got the

capacity to walk away from it. And so, a great example, I

remember I walked into a room one day and I was not all that

confident. I just was beat and I realized that wow, I’m just

not all that confident. And I asked myself, ‘wow, are you sure

about that?’ And I said, ‘yeah, I’m sure I’m not confident.’ So

then I noticed, you know what? I’m very confident that I’m

not confident! And just with that tiny little escalation right

there I was able to bring the power of confidence into my


I noticed one day I was trying to decide between two kinds of

peanut butter, this is a long time ago. It was like, that’s the

kind I like, but that’s the one that’s on sale. I wonder what

the on-sale one is like? Then I thought, well hold on. Do I

want to buy what I want or do I want to buy what’s on sale?

Because the price difference of a nickel really doesn’t matter

all that much. So as soon as I noticed that poverty kind of

thinking, I reminded myself, yeah, I can afford either kind of

peanut butter, so can you. As soon as I noticed that then

again the attitude shifts because I am distant from it. Again,

I can experience the thought of well, Skippy or Jiff. Well

Skippy is what I want but Jiff is on sale. When you really get

all wrapped up in that, then you get into a state of confusion.

Or I can step back and get clear. What do I want? I’m clearly

confused because I’m thinking about what I want versus

what’s on sale. And that’s confusing me. And I’m very clear

that that’s confusing me. So I’m going to step back into a

state of clarity.

So any time you experience a feeling, a thought, a story and

that’s what they are is stories, step back. Step back and tell

a story about the story. So you know, I’m anxious, the mail

hasn’t come today. I wonder what’s going to be in the mail

box. Naw, it could be something wonderful.

Here are some different examples, I’m not spelling the

formula out but I’m demonstrating it. I remember when I was

a little anxiety prone wondering about the mail, a long time

ago. And so I can become the spectator of that state. There

are a couple tricks that we’ve demonstrated in here. But let’s

nail this lesson with a principal. You can be the participant of

a state or the spectator of it. You can be the participant of

poverty or the spectator of poverty. You can be the spectator

of riches or the participant of riches. The choice is yours.

The question is, whenever something pops up such as today, I

saw something disturbing on the internet; I could have

become a participant in that. You know thinking ‘oh my god, I

wonder if mutter, mutter, mutter’…or I can go ‘oh yeah, wow,

cool.’ I’m going to walk away from that and fill my head full of

good stuff and become the spectator of it.

Again, what I’m asking you to do today is realize you can

create the state of participant around anything. Or you can

create the state of spectator around anything. These are two

very particular powerful states. You can use them toward

any content. I can spectate and look at something from far

away or I can participate in it. I don’t have to change the

content but I can change my position. And that’s the lesson

today. Change your position.

Any time an upset shows up move to the position of

spectator. Step back. And above we’ve demonstrated a few

ways to do that. Listen to this recording a lot. And when

something good shows up, make sure that you’re

participating in it. Dive in and become part of the in crowd.

It’s funny that they call it that isn’t it?

That’s it for today. My name is Mr. Twenty Twenty. Have a

wonderful day. See ya!

By the way, glad you stuck around. The way this applies to

Manifesting Mastery is this: If you’re going to master your

manifesting power, you get to realize that it’s not just the

content that matters, it’s the distance. In the Manifesting

Love Pack we talked about seeing your ideal mate as very

very happy. Seeing them at the distance that you would

dance with them with. And by doing that, you’re doing what

you’d ‘be’ if you were in a relationship with them. You’d be

close to them, seeing them happy. If you focus on ‘I must

make us both happy all the time’ that will just drive you

crazy. On the other hand, simply seeing yourself close to

someone and seeing them happy, we’ve brought the distance

of participating and happiness together without forcing it.

Ok, have fun with this one. See ya!