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Three Levels Of Neville – Soup – Pasta – Pizza

The Three Levels of Neville.

“What do soup – pasta and pizza have in common?”

When you start getting how REAL and powerful the methods of Neville Goddard – you tend to get them in three levels.  All three are essentially the same – like “soup, pasta, and pizza”.  The all contain “the same stuff”, but each one is more SOLID than the one before it.

Soup.  Pasta.  Pizza.

Soup is mostly sauce – with a little bit of pasta in it.  Soup is the level of Neville where you realize that your IMAGINATION is often what determines HOW YOU FEEL about a person, situation, circumstance.   For example, if you imagine that the opposite sex is as friendly, trustworthy, and fun, then your PHYSIOLOGY will tend to feel good and open around them -and your thinking will be generally pleasant and positive.   I have two friends, Bobbi and Linda who both imagine men very differently.  Bobbi imagines men as problematic and bothersome, and you can see how tense Bobbi is around men.  How she breathes shallower, how she shrinks inside her body.   Linda on the other hand IMAGINES men as women with extra parts – and a funny – odd sense of humor.  Her body is very open and relaxed – around both men and women.

Pasta is the Level of Neville where you realize that your IMAGINATION determines WHAT YOU DO – in a situation or circumstance.   If you imagine that you are capable, able, and actively participating -you will be.   This past weekend, I went ice skating with Victoria for the first time in my life.   I imagined myself as being able to learn skating, skate and having fun skating.  Guess what – we had a blast.  (And I only fell 3 times – and that was fun too!)

Pizza is the Level of Neville where you notice and realize that your IMAGINATION SHAPES THE WORLD – locally and non locally.  You notice that somehow – you just openly and empoweringly imagining something happening – and it seems to dial it up on demand.   You imagine going on a trip -and you find yourself invited on one by a long lost friend.   You imagine owning a lawnmower, and your neighbor down the street happens to put one out on his lawn with a “free to good home” sign on it.  You imagine a new smart phone – and your place of work gives you one.

You tend to graduate from soup – to pasta – to pizza.   Each of them is an opportunity for you to PROVE to yourself – that your imagination is powerful – through it you are one with God – and that we all share one mind.

I hope this helps, have a wonderful day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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